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June 22, 2020
by Katie Sawicki

Multidisciplinary Research and Engineering consultancy, MistyWest, Joins Ioterra

Ioterra enables companies to create impactful Internet of Things (IoT) products that make our interactions with technology “smarter”. Oftentimes people think of the Silicon Valley for technology-leading initiatives, but by looking northwest to Vancouver, Ioterra found a deeply experienced team of researchers who have been a part of ground-breaking projects in medical innovation, clean energy, and sustainability.

We are pleased to announce our partnership with MistyWest, a product development consultancy with full in-house services and expertise in R&D.

With an impressive portfolio of clients including the World Wildlife Foundation, Amazon, and Intel, the MistyWest team supports advanced technology projects across strategy, design prototyping, development, certifications, and manufacturing ramp-up.

“Over the past several years of knowing MistyWest, I had always been inspired by the seamless marriage of human factors and cutting-edge technology they are able to bring to their products,“ remarked Daniel Price, CEO of Ioterra. “When we had begun creating our marketplace, they represented exactly the excellence that we wanted to collaborate with to meet the needs of our ever-innovative customer base.”

Ioterra and MistyWest together will:

  • Collaborate on insightful content that addresses the complexity of engineering breakthrough technology and the rise of connectivity-capability within those products.
  • Leverage MistyWest’s expertise in R&D and product development to support customers within various industries, especially within medical devices, clean energy, and sustainability.
  • Offer a proven approach to product design and engineering for rapidly-pivoting industries with demanding technological needs.

“As the world transitions from the growing pressures of environmental change and rapidly evolving healthcare needs, we’re excited to utilize MistyWest’s diverse set of talents to aid companies looking to make a difference in these sectors, “ said Danny deLavega, co-founder and CRO of Ioterra.

As a certified Ioterra service partner, MistyWest looks forward to continuing to solve deep engineering problems for intrepid companies in Ioterra’s network.

To learn more about MistyWest, visit or

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