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July 30, 2020
by The Ioterra Team

While You’re Away, Remote Sensors Come Into Play

As we enter into the latter half of the infamous 2020, we are seeing IoT become essential to businesses in new ways as they move quickly to adhere to novel compliance demands, automate critical physical processes, or implement safer, contactless systems into their operations.

In this dynamic landscape, Ioterra has been working all hours to help businesses solve these IoT challenges. In the last month, we’ve assisted a COVID-19 testing facility to procure, install, and program automated robotics and set up predictive maintenance on the line. We’ve supported a big-box retailer to pilot new monitoring sensor systems in their brick and mortar location to meet traffic-flow compliance requirements, and we’ve worked with a number of businesses developing new medical hardware products to quickly ramp them through the innovation, engineering, and deployment cycles of their initiatives. 

For businesses finding that they need IoT as part of their digital strategy, it is all about the outcomes. Ioterra is here to support the strategy, systems integration, and channel expertise to ensure that the outcome is a successful one.


Need 5 Demo-Ready Prototypes a

Week from Tomorrow? 

For 30 years China has been the manufacturing powerhouse that many companies turn to for orders of one million units. In 2018, A-ONE launched an ambitious initiative to make a world-class prototyping facility in the heart of Shenzhen that companies can turn to for orders of 5 units. A-ONE’s prototyping center is now live and, with rapid shipping options around the world, A-ONE can get your demo-ready electronics and CNC'd mechanicals in a week from order to your doorstep.


Setting up a Remote Monitoring System?

Here’s your Architecture.

The word "remote" can easily be applied to many facets of our lives and businesses in our modern world. However, the practice of “remote device monitoring” has become more relevant than ever as industries transform to reduce the need for workers to be physically located on site. In fact, 80% of enterprise executives consider this remote device data essential for digital transformation. On July 23rd, we were honored to host leaders of MistyWest, Actility, and Losant for a discussion on how to best architect robust and scalable remote monitoring systems.


The Dos and Don’ts of IoT Cloud Applications

According to a report from Forbes, 75% of CEOs of the Fortune 500 List believe that the pandemic is going to accelerate their pace of technological innovation and adoption. A rush towards new applications is great, but there are many pitfalls on the journey that rapidly-moving companies need to watchout for. On July 2nd, we hosted the CEOs of Ubidots and SeeInsights to discuss the best practices for implementing IoT cloud applications.


Welcome, Untitled Kingdom!

We are pleased to announce our new partnership with Untitled Kingdom, a software and product development consultancy specializing in digital health applications and IoT. As one of our original service partners in early 2019, they have continuously demonstrated their core values of quality, transparency, and family when they have approached marketplace opportunities. 


Welcome, RF2B!

RF2B, located in San Diego, CA, specializes in all wireless interfaces (WiFi, Bluetooth/BLE, Zigbee, LTE, 5G, UWB, etc.) implementations. RF2B also offers optimization of existing designs.


New Ioterra Feature : Save Projects

We are happy to introduce a new feature, Favorites! Save your favorite Ioterra content to your personal account. Organize your favorite Solutions by your application needs, maintain a shortlist of Service Partners for your next project, bookmark the Articles you found most helpful, and save any combination of relevant content to better prepare for your next initiative! Look for the Save button on Solutions, Company Profiles, and Articles to add it to your Favorites list on your profile.

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