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August 27, 2020
by The Ioterra Team

Since IoT is here for good – let’s use IoT for Good

We're proud to be a part of a network of talented companies and partners that leverage each other's strengths to provide expedited help in a time of expedited need:

Breadware is proudly adding an LTE cellular communication capability to the Ventec Life Systems VOCSN Multi-Function Ventilator. It is the first and only ventilator of its kind to combine all these therapies and it is currently being produced in partnership with General Motors in Kokomo, Indiana in response to COVID-19.

Dragon Innovation has a dedicated page of open-source resources for COVID-19 related development projects that is continuously being updated.

219 Design has been racing to design a low cost, emergency-use ventilator with Stanford and CZ Biohub, and are donating 3D-printed protective face-shields in a partnership with DuPont.

STEL Design has been providing PPE supplies to companies in need and has shipped millions of masks and other items to companies in South America.

Orange Sparkle Ball has applied public health research of COVID-19 and has provided these resources to allow their clients to build an understanding in order to pilot use cases around risk mitigation. 

Titoma is involved in developing Taiwan-made COVID-19 test kits and anticipate a quick shipment of 10,000 tests per month to the United States, and is contributing motor control development to a respirator project.

Lexicon Design has launched a Kickstarter to fund their retractable antimicrobial, no-touch product, the Purus No-Touch Tool.

ScreamingBox designed and developed a website for the non-profit, Act Now Foundation: a resource to provide COVID-19 test kits to those in need.


New Feature:

Customize Your Ioterra Profile!

We're excited to announce our newest feature update that allows Ioterra users to customize their experience in the marketplace! Users can now connect with other IoT professionals and be discovered within their expertise. By editing your profile, you can:

  • Design your profile page
  • Connect your social media channels
  • Share your thoughts and content

Registered Ioterra users can immediately access this feature. Don't have an account? Create one now!


In 500 words, you could win $2500:
Make it Real 3D Printing Challenge

Wevolver and polySpectra have partnered together to grant $25,000 worth of polySpectra’s 3D printing services to turn a great idea into a product. Submissions are being accepted until September 28th by 12:00 PM (PST).


Welcome, 219 Design!

We are pleased to announce our new partnership with 219 Design, a product development and engineering firm based out of Silicon Valley!

Welcome, Productivity Specialists!

Productivity Specialists is a project management firm that helps identify and deliver significant operational competitive advantages to its clients.

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